About Cheryl . . .

Cheryl Bartlett has owned border collies since the early 1970's.


She became interested in training her dogs for CKC Obedience competition in the early 1980's.


Unhappy with the results of punishment/correction based training methods that were the norm at that time, she started searching out other fellow competitors and trainers that were in the transition over to positive training methods.  As a result, Cheryl still considers herself a "cross-over trainer", even though she has been using positive reinforcement training techniques for ove 25 years, including clicker and operant training.


Cheryl started competing in agility in 1990.  She is currently an AAC Masters level Judge and an all levels UKI Judge.

She competes in AAC, USDAA and UKI Agility.


Cheryl has competed in and obtained:

CKC Obedience - OTCH on multiple dogs, including multiple HIT's

CARO Rally Obedience - RE title

Flyball -  FM


Cheryl also works her dogs on sheep when time allows.


Cheryl obtained her training experience over the last 30+ years through working with other trainers, attending seminars, book knowledge and belonging to numoerous internet training groups, all based in positive reward training.  Included in her experience are groups whose main focus is dealing with aggression issues in dogs.


She has taught seminars on impulse control work, basic obedience and behaviour modification across Canada.  She has taght at the CAPDT Seminars.  She has taught her own puppy classes for over 25 years.

395 - 38 Street East, Prince Albert, SK

306 961-3286

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