About Kim . . .

As i rewrite my bio, I thought back to everything I had put into my previous bio's.  How proud I am of all the milestones achieved, the heights reached, the partners come and many now gone . . . 


I realized that, over many years of training and trialing, the ultimate achievement has been the friendships and relationships I have been blessed with from each one of these wonderful, sensitive, intelligent beings.  I realized that every nationals and regionals win, world team invitation, qualifying round, title and placement was because of the precious souls I have had the privilege to train and play with.


And that, without these wonderful dogs, I never would have met the people of this sport, the many friends and family I now hold so dear to my heart.

So, my bio has changed.  It is not about my milestones or accomplishments, but is dedicated to those beloved partners who took me then and continue to take me now, to those heights.  For truly, without them, their love, devotion, patience and understanding, my bio would just have my name, it would be very short of accomplishments.  


I am humbled by their love and devotion.


I owe my insight and knowledge to these wonderful soulmates, both current and those that have gone on to wait at The Bridge.


Thanks to my current family: Pixel, Flirt, Robin, Lyric, Imagine and Beep.


"Although they walk on silent paws, their footrpints are forever in our hearts".  I miss you.  My family now at The Bridge waiting, until we meet again . . . 

Allie, Bud, Dave, Fia, Gil, Huck, Jaymee, Jynx, Kirsty, Liberty, Quinn, Rowan, Shaia, Shiney, Spring, Spud, Suzy, Tigger and Trapper.


I owe all these precious beings a huge debt, only to be paid one day in time when we are all together.


​Simply and humbly, Thank You.

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