Rules for our Facility:


  • no liquids on the turf

  • liquids in the kennelling area must be in non spill, sealed mugs

  • no cleats or outdoor shoes on the turf, clean dry shoes only

  • kennelling is tight, xpens only if there are 3 or more dogs in one

  • no dragging of big equipment or tables,  lift and move.  the frame and walk are both on wheels, drop the frame to use the wheels, unlock the walk wheels to move



These happen.  PLEASE take your dogs out frequently for potty breaks.  If one happens, clean it up thoroughly immediately!!


Many facilities with this type of floor have implemented a fee per accident.  We don't want to have to do that, please help us ensure we don't!

395 - 38 Street East, Prince Albert, SK

306 961-3286

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